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Roof insulation for consumers

Insulating your roof can greatly reduce your energy costs. Insulation is also becoming increasingly important, as evidenced by the Dutch Building Decree and other government regulations. For example, new construction projects must have a minimum Rc value of 6.0 m2K/W. Roof insulation subsidies are also available for owners of existing homes and homeowners’ associations. Want to know whether you can insulate your roof better and what it can save you? We’re happy to help!

How roof insulation works

Your wishes and needs
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Advice and quotation
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The insulation
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Roof insulation types

The most common materials for insulating flat and shallow pitched roofs are PIR, rock wool and EPS.

PIR insulation

PIR has a higher insulation value than EPS and rock wool. This type is used in most roofs in the Netherlands, due to its limited thickness and excellent compressive strength.

Rock wool insulation

Rock wool is the most fire-resistant insulation material. The drawbacks of rock wool are that it does not insulate as well and is heavier. A sturdier structure is required to achieve the same insulation value as PIR insulation.

Steenwol isolatie
EPS insulation

EPS is often a cheaper alternative to PIR and rock wool insulation. As this material has a lower insulation value than PIR, two layers are often installed nowadays. This is necessary to achieve the standard Rc value of 6.0 m2K/W. EPS is the least fire resistant of the above three insulation types.

EPS dakisolatie

Roofs we have installed

Aldi DC Groningen
Synthetic roofing

Aldi DC Groningen

In 2021-2022, Jalving installed synthetic roofing on the new distribution centre for ALDI in Groningen. A synthetic roofing system was used. This consists of a PE vapour barrier, 140 mm of PIR insulation and a single layer of FPO roofing.
Eemsdelta Campus Groningen
Circular EPDM Rhinobond system

Eemsdelta Campus Groningen

In 2021, Jalving installed a new roof with the EPDM Rhinobond system on the Eemsdelta educational campus. The circular roofing system consists of flute fill insulation, an Alutrix vapour barrier, 140 mm of PIR insulation and EPDM installed using the Rhinobond induction system.
Slimme Huizenfabriek
Synthetic roofing

Slimme Huizenfabriek in Almelo

In 2021, Jalving installed a synthetic roofing system on Plegt Vos’ Slimme Huizenfabriek (Smart Home Factory) in Almelo. A synthetic roofing system was installed. This consists of flute fill insulation, PE film, 140 mm of PIR insulation and 2.0 mm of light grey PVC. The use of thicker PVC makes the system more robust than standard roofs.
Distributiecentrum HEMA
Renovation – mechanically fixed bitumen

HEMA DC Utrecht

In 2021, HEMA commissioned Jalving to renovate the roof of its distribution centre in Utrecht with mechanically fixed bitumen roofing.
Groningen Seaports
Bitumen, synthetic or EPDM roofing

Data centres

In recent years, Jalving has installed various types of roofing systems on data centres. A summary is shown below.

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